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Jul 16, 2019belaluna rated this title 2 out of 5 stars
I agree with the person who commented that this book is tedious at times. The characters are not fleshed out at all so it can be hard to care about them and the few that you have more information on you mostly just get slightly different iterations of the same info over and over, no new insight is really given except at the twists at the end. Also the dialogue from character to character has no individuality. Every person in the book speaks the exact same way from diction to cadence etc, even the main Baltimore detective (who one would imagine does not speak like a prep schooler or socialite). It feels like the sisters who wrote the book don't know fully how to inhabit their characters as real people and instead write them as nothing more than basic pawns in a story. I definitely found The Other Mrs Parrish to be better and more enjoyable but in many ways this book is more of the same (character types, dialogue, neuroses) just not done nearly as well.