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Jun 24, 2019lola_jane rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
What a story; it brought me through a full spectrum of emotions: horror, disgust, hope, melancholy, anger, sorrow. For the first half I was expecting to give it 5* but it lost some steam along the way. The prologue had me hooked from the first paragraph; the writing and narrative voice is engaging. The beauty, struggles, and traditions of Ievoli are brought to life with description and characters that practically jump off the page. The central characters are well-drawn, complex and messy. The immigrant experience, clash of old and new world traditions and family relations feels authentic. The opening line is true; Stella endures bad luck on an epic scale: every terrible thing that you can imagine happening to a person, happens in this story. I never really came to like Stella yet still couldn't turn away from her story; which I think takes a skilled author to achieve. This is a debut novel for Grames and I look forward to what she does next.