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Jul 25, 2018
To start, I think Martha Grimes is one of the better mystery writers going and has carried forward the British Mystery genre as few others have. That said, this is not one of her strongest efforts by quite a large margin. I realize it is fiction but it crosses into fantasy far too easily. A ten year old girl that lives independently and is able to board a flight with boarding pass not even in her name? Surely there has to be some element of believable behaviour in even a fictional character. Without wishing to spoil the story, the book was rife with similar things! I was also disappointed in the fact that none of the main protagonists has actually progressed (or regressed) with their lives. They all seem to be doing the same thing over and over and their actions are just too predictable. It would be nice if they actually accomplished something other than performing miraculously for Jury, even just once. Martha Grimes has tremendous talent but I am afraid it doesn't show here.