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Indypl_DebbieO created a list Jul 16 2020
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Indypl_DebbieO made a comment May 10 2020
"If this book were a movie it would be a black comedy it has many laugh out loud moments as well as a distressing moment or two. The PCU is as always under the threat of being closed. Fowler plays fair, once the reader knows who dun it and why ..." Permalink
Indypl_DebbieO made a comment May 03 2020
"" Lynn Truss's joyfully quirky crime series" takes place in 1957's Brighton. Truss frequently take a second out of the story to talk to the reader, I find this enjoyable others may not. In this series constable Twitten and Mrs Groynes(..." Permalink
Indypl_DebbieO created a list Jan 15 2020
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"They all have interesting characters, the plotting is always solid and the author plays fair with the clues."
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