Tidelands By Gregory, Philippa Book - 2019 | First Atria Books hardcover edition.

This was a mixed bag for me; on one hand, I was drawn to the perspective of average people, particularly Women living, surviving and coping in a world which ultimately doesn't value them. On the other, I felt that the lead character was incredibly naive and too submissive even for that time, especially because she was a Wise Woman and this was her inherited lineage. And I actually enjoyed and felt hopeful by the fiery determination of the secondary Female character, who I'm anticipating would be the main POV in the second installment of this series. The novel could have been about 100 pages shorter, which would have made it tighter and more cohesive, eliminating so much over descriptors and rehashing of the same thoughts. I felt that Philippa who normally writes for the intelligent reader was dumbing this story down and I certainly didn't appreciate that. Overall the climactic cliffhanger builds my anticipation for the sequel and I hope that the Author brings to that book the potency, fire and creative genius I know she is capable of.

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