The Oysterville Sewing Circle
The Oysterville Sewing Circle A Novel By Wiggs, Susan Book - 2019 | First edition.

Frankly I thought 'The Oysterville Sewing Circle' was going to be a story in the model of the early quilting stories of Jennifer Chiaverini.

In reviews I read elsewhere some reviewers are disappointed they didn't get their version of a "romance" and one in particular complained that the "Story lost in platform against domestic violence."

No. That IS the story of 'The Oysterville Sewing Circle', wrapped in the counterpoints of an idyllic childhood and those wrought with uncertainty and loss, of deep friendship and love on every level: the love of ones passion, of family, of home, of finding home, of dreams, of friends, of reality as it is in any given moment, even moments of uncertainty and challenges.

'The Oysterville Sewing Circle' is intense and sometimes difficult to read, but it is never maudlin or or graphic. It's real in the empathy and confusion of its subject, the leading characters reactions to it and especially of the writer's tenderness with it.

This is a terrific book.

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