Super Late Bloomer
Super Late Bloomer My Early Days in Transition : An up and Out Collection By Kaye, Julia Graphic Novel - 2018

This collection of auto-biographical comics covers the author's transition over the course of a year. Super Late Bloomer is intensely personal, and feels like reading a diary. It feels strange to give this book a qualifier, like saying it was a wonderful read, because how could I put a qualifier on material that's so personal? But I definitely recommend reading this collection. All of the comics are heartfelt; they're full of emotions big and small, from joyous moments of feeling understood to deep worries and gender dysphoria.

From Autostraddle writer Mey's review of the book, "I want millions of teens to read this book. I want all of them to see that humans deserve love and happiness and the freedom and support to be who they are. I want all of them to know that about themselves, and for the trans ones to know that they deserve the happiness of transitioning... This book is honestly the pinnacle of its art form. It’s a guidebook that will last the years and be an important resource for queer libraries, bookstores, coffee shops, school LGBTQ clubs and bedrooms of trans kids deciding to come out for a long, long time."

(I read this book on our digital lending platform, Hoopla, and you can also find more comics from Julia on Twitter, @upandoutcomic.)

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