Well, you have to learn to say no.
-How can I say no if I can be useful, if I can lighten the burden of another?
I'm just sick of writing tooth and nail for bread, that's all.
Should've become a journalist.
- You hate the press.
Or a lawyer.
- "The law is an ass." I believe you wrote that.
A hairdresser, then, in the Burlington Arcade. Do you know what I should have liked to be? An explorer, paddling a canoe somewhere in the wilds of Canada in a pair of buckskin breeches, all on my own. No nappies to change.
Only a story my gran used to tell us, sir, back home in Ireland. She used to say that on Christmas Eve the veils between this world and the next thin out, and that's when the spirits cross over and walk among us.
What is it you particularly object to in my books?
-Pickpockets, streetwalkers, charity boys. Those people don't belong in books.
"Those people"? You mean, the poor?

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