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Fiona Barton just keeps getting better and better!

An unnerving situation...knowing your child is living abroad in a foreign country and having no way to contact them. Poor Lesley is in this exact situation, and she knows it is completely out of character for her daughter and her friend to not check in, especially when they had set a specific time to do so. Are the girls hurt? Dead? Or are they just off partying as local officials would have them believe? Call it mother’s intuition...but Lesley knows that something is wrong. And she won’t stop until she find out just what has happened to her daughter.

Through the local police, reporter Kate becomes aware of this story which has close ties to her own personal life. Has a crime been committed? And if so, is her son in trouble as well? Somewhere between London and Bangkok, the answers lie just waiting to be discovered by the mother/reporter/detective.

Pros: Great use of alternate perspectives/timelines to allow the full story to unfold.

Cons: The pacing was a bit slow at times.

The Suspect is more of a slow burn/putting pieces together type of fiction than a thriller, but it’s my favorite Fiona Barton book so far.

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