Bird Box
Bird Box By Malerman, Josh Book - 2014 | 1st ed. --

Picked this book up because I saw a trailer for the Sandra Bullock movie coming out in December. I think this is classified as horror, but it was more of a tense-feeling, psychological suspense to me. There is something out there that when seen causes a person to go mad and become deathly violent. The story centers around a young woman who is pregnant and goes to a safe house to live with other survivors. They spend the majority of their time indoors with the windows covered. They go outside as little as possible and alway wear a blindfold when they do. The book goes back and forth between how a group of strangers live in a small space with the stress of an unknown terror outside, and 4 years later when the woman finally decides to travel blindfolded downriver in a rowboat to a safer place with her 2 children. Different from what I usually read, but it entertained me. Watching the trailer again after finishing the book, I can see they have made a lot of changes to the story for the movie.

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