Bird Box
Bird Box By Malerman, Josh Book - 2014 | 1st ed. --

Sandra bullock performs and amazing role in this movie based on best selling book. In the movie the seemingly calm world is turned upside down when unknown supernatural entities take over causing people to go insane and commit suicide if looked at. This goes on for five years with them living in complete isolation until they embark down the river. I really enjoyed the concept of this movie because it is very unique. I would recommend this movie for older audiences because some of the subject matter can be unsettling. I believe the acting was bad at times and the story was somewhat predictable. Other than that I would recommend this movie. I rate this movie a 4 out of 5. @movieslayer123 of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Bird box is a very interesting book as it presents a scenario where a person has to avoid using their sight as to not be drawn to suicide from the beings outside or killed by other humans. The book does an excellent job at establishing the characters and creates a connect that causes immense pain once one of them dies. Our lead character is a strong women who is hellbent on protecting her children and teaches then life since birth without sight. The ending to this book is extremely bleak and heart wrenching but neither the less still an amazing ending to a good story. Some issues this story has is the plot is a bit to simplistic and at points the children are used as a plot device too much but this still doesn't diminish the quality of this book. As with this book I would recommend watching the Netflix movie, but be warned there are some changes for better or for worse. 4/5 Stars. @TheCollector of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

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