If You Tell
If You Tell A True Story of Murder, Family Secrets, and the Unbreakable Bond of Sisterhood By Olsen, Gregg Book - 2019

This book shook me to my very inner core. I finished reading it a week ago and I still think about the horrific abuse these three sisters and the people that "Shelly" took in under her roof, were subjected to. This evil woman preyed on the weaknesses of her children searching for love in their mother who just isn't capable. She used manipulation and humiliation as well as physical and emotional abuse to control everyone in her life. The woman and gentleman that she took in to "help" slowly declined as everyone around watched them deteriorate, yet nothing was done. This woman was a master manipulator and psychopath to the fullest extent. The girls are lucky to be able to live semi-normal lives as described in the beginning of the novel. Although I am confident without a single doubt that it doesn't go without tortured memories and psychological damage from their childhood and early adulthood. I as well as others almost stopped reading multiple times because of the graphic abuse. However If I start reading a book I have to finish so I just passed through some of the gut wrenching details with a tear in my eye for the poor souls. Pay attention to your surroundings. Children go through this and sometimes it can be stopped just by sticking your neck out. You may save a life!

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