Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter Series, Book 2

eBook - 2012
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Publisher: Valley View : Pottermore, 2012.
ISBN: 9781781100226
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VaughanPLDonnalee Oct 05, 2018

The full-colour deluxe edition illustrated by Jim Kay is absolutely gorgeous. The illustrations are vivid and stunning. The paper is glossy and thick. The book is just magnificent, with a built-in ribbon bookmark as a lovely added touch. I've loved Harry Potter for many years, but the deluxe illustrated versions are a dream come true. Anyone who loves Potter should experience these wonderful editions. And for anyone who is new to Harry Potter, you are in a for a treat because the stories are truly fantastic.

Aug 17, 2018

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets is a great book that it very well written. It is filled with mystery and you never know what will happen. The book will lead you to think that it is one character but then it will be a totally different person. So I think that it is overall a great book. I watched the movie and read the book and in my opinion the book is much better. The book has so much more detail and the movies leaves out some things that the book has.

Aug 12, 2018

A good series full of magic, magic and a ton of more magic! Definite series for people of all ages. As Harry potter is finding out who he really is the chamber of secrets is opened, him and his friends discover, that its not for the first time. They must work together using their individual strengths to close the chamber of secrets and stop whoever opened it.

Aug 05, 2018

The only reason I stay up until midnight is because I spend that time (9:00-12:30) reading Harry
Potter books.

Aug 01, 2018

With a very fast paced-story, this second adventure of Harry Potter is one not to miss. Like the first edition to this series; Famous Harry Potter goes on another eventful, dangerous and magical adventure in another year at Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We follow Harry as he hears voices...That no one can hear...Faces dark cloaked villans...But who are they? And faces his greatest challenge yet again.

It's a must read!

May 22, 2018

Very fast read.

I love what I've read, it's amazing, because it's really magical and it's a book that I could learn things on, it improved my English, and it also my writing skill in Chinese. Another reason why I like the book are that I am a big potter fan! I like how J.K. Rowling wrote these books, it made everybody like it. In my opinion, Harry Potter are the best set of books!

-Yolanda, 10

Mar 19, 2018

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Haha, this is one of my favourite parts!

I love the Harry Potter series, best book ever. I think I’d either be in Ravenclaw or Slytherin, but probably Ravenclaw.

Feb 10, 2018

Incredibly riveting, The Chamber of Secrets takes you on an amazing journey—and at the very end, leaves you hungering for more. Good thing there's five more books (and fat ones at that) left in the series ;)
I'd totally be a Ravenclaw if I went to Hogwarts.

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Sep 28, 2018

olive_owl_252 thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 10 and 99

Aug 10, 2018

green_cat_2121 thinks this title is suitable for 10 years and over

navy_nightingale_207 thinks this title is suitable for 10 years and over

Apr 04, 2018

ravenclawblue thinks this title is suitable for 9 years and over

Mar 19, 2018

anne1212li thinks this title is suitable for 8 years and over

Oct 29, 2017

maroon_owl_109 thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 7 and 99

heidigil Jun 17, 2017

heidigil thinks this title is suitable for 6 years and over

Jun 07, 2017

blue_kangaroo_537 thinks this title is suitable for 10 years and over

Apr 27, 2017

jayeshaminnew thinks this title is suitable for All Ages

luiza1 Apr 18, 2017

luiza1 thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 13 and 65

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violet_pony_296 Jun 04, 2017

his eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad
his hair is as dark as a blackboard
i wish he was mine
he's really divine
the boy who conquered the dark lord!
-Ginny's valentine/ Fred and George

Apr 22, 2017

"This is what Dumbledore sends his defender? A songbird and an old hat?"

- Tom Riddle

Jun 28, 2016

"Dobby is sorry sir"

Jun 24, 2016

"Honestly if you were going any slower, you would be going backwards"

The best of us sometimes eat our words.

-Albus Dumbledore, page 331

This diary holds memories of terrible things. Things that were covered up. Things that happened at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
-Tom Marvolo Riddle, page 241

Aug 03, 2015

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
-Dumbledore, Page 245

Aug 03, 2015

You will also find that help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.
-Dumbledore , Page 195

Aug 03, 2015

When in doubt go to the library
-Page 189

Aug 03, 2015

Of all the trees we could've hit, we had to hit the one that hits back.
-Ron, Page 60

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Mar 19, 2018

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, is a mythical magical book made by J.K Rowling. It is about a boy named Harry Potter as we journey with him on his second adventure in Hogwarts. They come upon problems including the " Heir of Slytherin" and most importantly "The Chamber of Secrets". The wonderful book includes characters like Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermoine Granger, Tom Riddle, Dumbledore, Snape, Lord Voldemort, Hagrid and many other intriguing characters.
Hope you like the book it's wonderful!

Jan 27, 2017

Harry Potter's summer has included the WORST birthday ever, DOOMY warnings from a house-elf called Dobby, and a RESCUE from the Dursley's by his friend, Ron Weasley n a magical FLYING car! Back at Hogwarts School for his second year, Harry hears strange WHISPERS echo through empyt corridoes- and then the ATTACK start. Students are found though turned into stone ...
Dobby's SINISTER predictions seem to be coming TRUE

Dec 22, 2016

When Harry Potter [age 12] was still at his aunt's and uncle's house, a house elf named Dobby tries to stop him from going to Hogwarts. He gets in big trouble but luckily his friend Ron and the twins rescue him. At Hogwarts ron receives a howler and Harry gets knocked out in his first Quidditch game of the season. Sone they learn about the Chamber of Secrets, its' opener, and how to get in. Will they survive???

Aug 03, 2015

This book starts again in the summer while Harry is at the Dursley's. While they are hosting a dinner party Harry is told to stay in his room and not make any noise, at this time a house elf named Dobby shows up in Harry's room warning him not to go back to Hogwarts. Dobby ends up sending a pudding on one of the guest's head, causing harry to be locked in his room. Thankfully Ron, Fred and George rescue him with their flying car. Soon after the school year begins the Chamber of Secrets gets open and something is attacking the mud bloods.

gogirl1313 Dec 24, 2014

After a curious encounter with a house elf named Dobby, and being nearly expelled for flying Mr. Weasley's car to Hogwarts, Harry thinks he'll have a quiet break from everything at last. Soon, trouble starts again, thereby dashing all hopes for a normal-or as normal as Hogwarts could get-school year. People aren't sure who the culprit is; all they know is that he or she is a direct heir of Salazar Slytherin, pureblood loving founder of Hogwarts. Could it possibly be Draco Malfoy, a muggle-born hating enemy of Harry's? Maybe it's Hagrid, whose mysterious past is finally revealed? Harry, determined to find the culprit, is dismayed when he realizes who everyone really suspects....himself!

christinezhao Jul 12, 2014

harry returns to hogwarts for his 2nd year. someone opened the chamber of secrets so there is a snake on the loose

Jul 07, 2014

This a another great book by J. K. Rowling. The story continues a Harry Potter and his two best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger go on an adventure to save the school from the horrors within the Chamber of Secrets.

Jan 26, 2013

when the chamber of secrets has been opened there are so many attacks on muggle borns- including hermione granger. harry potter finds himself hot on the trail with his best friend ron weasley to find out who is the heir of slytherin.

Njiamanze Jul 30, 2012

this book amazining imagery adn the reader feel asif they were in the event. Aperfect blend of fantasy and imaginationin one book. I also highly recomend reading this book to other teens.

SAPPHIREBEAR15 Jun 19, 2012

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets begins as Harry spends a miserable summer with his only remaining family, the Dursleys. During a dinner party hosted by his uncle and aunt, Harry is visited by Dobby, a house-elf by name of Dobby. Dobby warns Harry not to return to Hogwarts, the magical school for wizards that Harry attended the previous year, explaining that terrible things will happen there. Harry politely disregards the warning, and Dobby wreaks havoc in the kitchen, infuriating the Dursleys. The Dursleys angrily imprison Harry in his room for a while. Harry is rescued by his friend Ron Weasley and his brothers Fred and George in a flying car, and spends the rest of the summer at the Weasley home.

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May 07, 2012

Sexual Content: u count kissing

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